Flow control

24 miles in 3 days has left me tired and sore in the legs.  I did yoga with the kids tonight; both to get them to settle down for bed and to stretch out my legs. Just getting them to slow down and think about their breathing: inhaling deeply and forcefully exhaling helps them settle. Flat on back with knees bent, palms down, breathe a few times… then onto belly and up to cow pose, then back to plank, upward dog, downward dog, cow pose, then child’s pose and relax. That’s pretty much it. I had us all doing sun salutation during the summer, but the start of school has compressed our morning schedule.


I was thinking about this concept of overspin on my run today; in a prop plane there is a situation where the engine can no longer control the rotation of the propellor and it begins to spin faster than it normally would (if it were still controlled by the engine). My brother the aviator is the one who explained the concept. The risk in overspin is that the speed of the prop exceeds the materials strength of the propellor. If that happens, the propellor can shear and then really bad things can happen. Take away any analogy from that you like. My takeaway is that you just need a larger engine.  Flow control.

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