Mind Weeds

Good lunch run this afternoon. We ran the arboretum loop with what I think has been coined the “Rivard addition” – just a tiny quarter mile drop and climb back up to the road after the lookout…always the hard way though – if there is a hill, why not run up it?


From the new office coming across the bridge – it makes this route a 9 miler. The (mostly flat) city running pre and post make the 2 additional miles feel zippy.

I ran with D and A today. It was nice to have company  — not super fast but lots of chit chat and running closely on the trails. Good to work on the pack running technique. I was thinking at one point if we bumped feet we’d probably all take a tumble ass over heel down the mountain.


Gazing up at the vapors on Council Crest.

Soon it’s going to be time to put sunglasses away and seal the hatches for the winter. In Portland it’s as if we close the submarine hatch and spin the handle closed until the Spring. Our little Portland submarine.

Knocked askew a little bit this week; but re-centering. Sometimes the paths we’re traveling intersect, roiling waves like an ever expanding Euclidean mesh. It makes no sense to me.

You should be grateful for the weeds you have in your mind, because they will eventually enrich your practice.

-Suzuki, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind


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