I spent last week working in Prague. It was a week of long days, nights and early mornings. I made the most of the early morning hours to run through the city and take some photos. I brought my Fujifilm XH-1 with a Viltrox 23mm lens. I’ve been enjoying shooting that this focal length (35mm equivalent on a full frame sensor). Most of these are either with the Fujifilm or an iPhone 8 plus (on it’s deathbed … the home button is working intermittently). For this type of trip I would have loved to have a Ricoh GRiii or something high quality but more portable. I ran once with the XH-1 on a Peak Designs capture clip on shoulder strap, but it was a bit too heavy – I had to hold it steady with one hand while I ran.

It was nice to have a non-tourist view of living and working in CZ from my work colleagues, but also to experience the history of the city. I’m reading Prague: In Black and Gold by Peter Demetz – and having some background on the construction of the city and the history of Bohemia in general put the visit in perspective.

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