PR land today

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 8.05.34 PM

I worked really hard today. And it felt like work the entire time. Rough day.  Not really sure where to categorize this one because I had PR’s on many of the really difficult sections. I always stepped on the gas if I felt my legs slowing down a little bit – I was digging and it was there, but it also felt like an ass-kicking.

My headspace was not in a good place this week. I managed to not get sick. My entire team was taken out by some mysterious flu-like illness. I dodged that by cutting back on my commute (I drove to work one day) and by taking out one day of running. I had no choice because my schedule was so packed. But I also coded in the evening all week and sliced off at least an hour and a half of sleep. I was on a razor thin edge all week between work/other work/running. It’s always a trade-off and this week I over-extended but got lucky.

When I looked up at a long series of switchbacks from the bottom of a really long climb, I literally became nauseous and I doubted myself. Another section I literally told myself aloud, “run m’fker!” when my focus was slipping. I had a good primal scream at the top of council crest right before I started descending (it’s the highest elevation of the run). That always feels really good.

Also saw some weird stuff on one section near the zoo. It was a homeless woman pushing her shopping cart packed full of her belongings (it was a hiking trail… in the woods), walking up to another pair of homeless people…and I think one of them had a baby. I could see the baby’s bare head sticking out of blanket. I did a quick wtf and kept going… but really beat myself up for a while for not just giving them the fleece hat I had in my pack. I have more than 10 fleece hats.


  • It wasn’t cold and I was drinking often. 2 bottles of cytomax wasn’t enough. I finished both bottles early. I was carrying 3 Nuun tablets and I was going to refill a bottle and drop in a tablet at Marquam shelter but the water was turned off. Then I was going to fill at 5th near PSU, but I realized when I got there you actually can’t fill a bottle with the city water fountains because they just shoot water straight up (not to the side). So I stopped my watch and ate a Clif shot, drank and then pushed for home.
  • I had 4 Clif shots today (no solid food) … 2 vanilla and 2 espresso (caffeinated). On an empty stomach a caffeinated gel is like rocket fuel – and I felt that today after each one.
  • I ate breakfast before I left – and I need to stop doing that. It’s too much food in my gut and I feel it during the last 45 minutes or so. I need to eat a light dinner before a long run and just a banana or half bagel w/almond butter before I leave. Today I had half a bagel, bacon and eggs.

I stopped and took a few pictures today.

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 8.06.49 PM

I’m exhausted. And I’m worried about the 50k.


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