Some opinions based on the current zeitgeist.

  1. Glass Onion was funny. You don’t have to understand the tech industry jokes to laugh at the malapropisms. In fact, the current joke in our family is to just, “pause and inbreathiate this moment”. We ended up watching the first Knives Out movie again and noticed that Marta was from Ecuador, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Uraguay depending on which family member was disparaging her. Which leads me to 2.
  2. As I said when watching both movies … these people are awful. And some people are just awful. No need to give them a second of your time.
  3. There’s a discussion on social media right now about reading a book per week and here is my list (list owner to remain nameless). People who want to “download the knowledge” by reading “smart books” at a clip of one per week are the same set who would download the information directly to their brain if possible. The point doesn’t seem to read the book, but to gain the knowledge… but that’s not how knowledge works. And really, won’t one book change how you think about another book and maybe you wouldn’t want to read one of the books in the list after reading another book. Which leads me to 4.
  4. People who work in tech (and are really really into “the internet” are really really boring). There are a lot of these people moving to Mastodon right now. I read a post about someone who spent the holidays building a ChatGPT detector and I thought… how boring. I mean – whatever piques your interest and gets you fired up. Sitting at a computer when I don’t have to seems like a wasted opportunity to do something else.
  5. As I said, these are a like.. my opinions… man. I think [perhaps] I’ll be more opinionated in 2023.

So how did I spend the holiday break? Puzzles… lots of puzzles. Ski days – 4 in so far this season. Off to a great start. Running in the snow and sledding at Mt. Hood. Designing the camper in Shapr3D and researching fabrication methods. I’m settling on a thin plywood skin over plywood (I think) frame, then fiberglass + epoxy. Foam panels glued to the inside for insulation. I think this will result in the lightest shell I can build. It’s the same way boats are made. Undecided on the pop up mechanism, it will either be a hinged pop up (like a vanagon), a full roof lift with soft sides (Do I really want to sew this?), or hard-sided origami hinged walls (maybe too much weight).

Don’t forget to pause and inbreathiate the moment.

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