October Snow

There were a couple of ski tracks leaving Cloud Cap and heading up the trail toward Cooper Spur. Someone got the early goods on Mt. Hood. Probably a little bony skiing back out.

We went up to Cloud Cap for the day to play in the snow, try out the new sled, and get the tarp set up to measure where the stove jack will be sewn in. We’ve used this tarp in the past on winter snowshoe trips as a mobile warming hut – this winter I’ll get the stove inside and hopefully make a few winter overnighters more fun!

Calm winds with sunshine through breaking clouds today –– and no people! I thought for sure the trailhead would be crowded with cars and dogs. We enjoyed our ramen in silence, except for the wind coming through the trees.

This is most likely the last weekend the road to Cloud Cap will be open, nearing the top there was deep snow over ruts and the truck was skimming the snow from the center of the road.

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