4th Wave

The Portland Timbers / Thorns Unicef benefit match was last Wednesday at Providence Park. Afterwards I stopped at Sizzle Pie near the old Jive office to get dinner with my daughter and her friend. I had my mask on the entire time at the stadium, we sat outside to eat pizza. I would say maybe 2% of people at the soccer stadium were wearing masks. I wore a kn95 the whole time.

Last week I had 2 threshold workouts on the trainer, and one hard running hill workout, max HR. Thursday my watch was telling me “Your current training load is going in the right direction, but your fitness is declining. Try reducing stress and get more rest.” Weird. I knew something was going on.

Friday I was tired. Afternoon nap tired… then my lower right lumbar started to feel sore. I thought maybe it was from being on the trainer… or I need new running shoes. Saturday I decided to rest and was planning to run on Sunday. Saturday night was rough. I started sneezing before I went to bed, then couldn’t sleep as the inflammation started to kick in and my back became more and more sore. I was waking up and falling asleep, my nose was running. I got about 6 hours of sleep Saturday. Sunday morning I woke up and realized I probably have Covid. I took a test and before the 15 minute timer went off, I was lined up. I have Covid.

I’m proud to have made it this far. The new variants are extremely transmissible. I think I was exposed at the soccer match or at the pizza place. It doesn’t really matter. Sunday night I had chills and sweats, no sore throat, no loss of smell, not really any congestion. Today is Monday and I almost feel back to normal.

Mild so far. I’m grateful that I have a place to quarantine away from the rest of the family. I missed going to see Hamilton with everyone yesterday (it would have been the 2nd time). I’m going to test again on Wednesday, then again on Friday. I’m scheduled to fly soon and would like a negative test before I fly. Fingers crossed.

I’ve been extremely careful the past 2+ years… but with the relaxed masking rules and more transmissible variants, I guess it was bound to happen. We’re set up for a 4th wave, just like the Spanish flu. I’m just hoping being vaxxed, boosted and now infected will give me as much protection as possible.

That’s the story of how I got Covid-19 in May 2022.

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