Week 1 in Review

This is the first week of real training. I’ve been fluctuating right around 20 miles consistently (with an exception of 2 weeks in February when I was sick) for the past …. 3 years? ( I just looked at my Strava training log and it’s pretty consistent with the exception of work or vacation travel interruptions).

Because I commute to work by bike, all my rest days will be ‘active rest’ days. I think that’ll be fine until my mileage increases – it’s nice to stretch out my legs when I’m coasting downhill and spin the junk out of my legs after a hard running effort.

A few thoughts for the coming weeks.

  • My orthotics both cracked and need to be replaced.
  • I’m not sure the Torin 3.5’s are great for runs longer than 10 miles. Yesterday they felt flat when I started to get tired. I have been running road/trail in Altra Lone Peaks – which seems odd to run on the road with them, but the lugs are soft enough to provide a nice cushion – I think they’re softer than the Torin’s as a result. I’m on the search for a softer high mileage training shoe.
  • The bottom’s of my knees were just slightly sore after yesterday’s long run (12.5). I was on concrete/asphalt/trail.
  • I had a good recovery window right after the long run and hydrated/ate/stretched right away and kept stretching in the hours post-run. Today (Monday) – I’m not sore and feel pretty loose.
  • I’m not exactly sure where I’m going to fit a day of lifting into the schedule
  • I’m really really really itching to go climbing.

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