Moderately Fast

Mentally going through the transitions for Saturdays skimo race and I realize I’m going to be sloooowwww in a couple places. I’m using Volkl skin pin Colltex skins, so I can’t leave my skis on and pull the skins in a transition. I just didn’t want to spend more $$ to buy race skins that have a standard tip attachment. I’m going to need to pull my skis off and remove the skins.

I’m also going to leave my leashes on — it would be a nightmare scenario of I removed the leashes and a ski got away from me during a transition. That would be a big bummer.

I’m just thinking: slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Deliberate motions, focus on what I’m doing. I’m only racing myself.

Skin to bootpack

  1. Put poles down or in snow
  2. Unclip leashes
  3. Pop off bindings (thumbs)
  4. Skis together
  5. Through loop, hook over shoulder
  6. Grab poles, hammer

Bootpack to skin

  1. Poles down
  2. Skis off pack
  3. Clip leashes (one at a time)
  4. Step into binding
  5. Pull binding for uphill mode
  6. Grab poles, hammer

Skin to downhill

  1. Use pole to unclip bindings
  2. Poles down
  3. Unclip leashes
  4. Downill skin 1 : pull skin and put in jacket
  5. Twist heel for downill and step in
  6. Uphill skin 2 : pull skin and put in jacket
  7. Twist heel for downill and step in
  8. Grab poles : hammer

Downhill to skin

  1. Use pole to unclip binding
  2. Poles down
  3. Pull skin 1 from jacket / put it on
  4. Twist heel for uphill
  5. Put ski down
  6. Pull skin 2 from jacket / put it on
  7. Twist heel for uphill
  8. Put ski down
  9. Step into both skis
  10. Pull binding for uphill
  11. Pick up poles : hammer

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