I wrote the last post with my feet kicked up on the sofa on my phone. Like a big text msg. I looked at it this morning and realized I mistook CO2 with CO. One molecule of Carbon, not 2.

I actually hate that first person narrative style. It’s boring. This kind of writing usually begins in situ, then backs up to the start of the story. Like this:

I reached down to pick up they hydration pack that I dropped next to my pack and realized it had frozen solid in the few minutes I had been huddled below the windbreak.

I made this up.

Then back to the start of the story arc.

I much prefer the more introspective style of writing found in … I think it might be called The Sharp End … if we’re talking about adventure / alpinism writing.

Someone else direct experience can be interesting, but the subtext of “what did u learn?” is way more interesting. I’m not going to write another first person narrative like the last one.

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