Reading Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom. Either we’re already living in an simulation or it’s all bullshit. I’m unsure which it is. The book is mostly a philosophical overview of the point at which machine intelligence becomes  “conscious” and begins to optimize for whatever goal it has determined. This is the crux of the problem – how can humans seed machine intelligence so that the goal of the AI is beneficial … or in the least doesn’t optimize for a goal that destroys humanity. It’s not a science fiction book. Consider the IQ difference between the village idiot and Einstein. The difference is nominal. Now consider a machine with an intelligence that is 1000x Einstein. What does that even mean? What would it want to achieve? Terrifying.

When I’m feeling the weight of the world or push myself up a long climb while running, I growl. It’s a primitive queue to try harder. And I do.

I need to bounce over to some fiction. The nonfiction business books are making me grumpy. Maybe the next Annihilation book .  I finally cleaned up my Goodreads lists.

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