Book: Nothing is True and Everything is Possible

I can’t say this book left me hopeful for future political and economic stability. Through a series of vignettes and essays, the author provides an outsiders perspective on modern Russia.  He describes modern Russia based on it’s long history of authoritarian regimes. The book ends in the present describing the new Russian wealth (oil and oligarchies) and “political technologists” being exported to the West (London specifically, 2014).

I came upon these 2 on my run in the Flatirons of Boulder, CO this morning.

In some ways it feels like the evolution of globalization, a merging of entertainment and government. Blurring the line between fiction and reality. Sounds familiar, right?

It was written in 2014 – so predates what we’re seeing in American politics, but I think it’s an informative look at how authoritarianism and pseudo-democracy live together.

If you want a primer in Russia’s involvement in influencing political campaigns, how business is conducted and how the general population is kept docile – it’s a great read.

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