Medium-long run yesterday –  15 miler Council Crest loop. It’s a ridge, so if there is weather the wind is often ripping through the trees – there was some kind of generator running at the radio tower yesterday. I touched the geo marker at the top and then bugged out to get back in the trees and out of the wind. My hat blew off a couple of times before I tightened it down. Took my Salomon vest along with a fleece hat, gel flask and a 500ml soft flask of water. This time of year the availability of water in the city fountains is sporadic – I think if the forecast is anywhere near freezing, the city will turn them off.

Getting extremely antsy to get on the snow. I may try to steal away in the next few days with the racing snowshoes and get in a snowshoe run somewhere around Govy… unless the girls want to go skiing. Skiing with my girls trumps all.

Apogée – Memorial film for Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair from Bjarne Salén on Vimeo.

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