Something Special

There is something special about approaching the biggest climb of this run at about 19 miles. I remember something Stevie Haston wrote, “Remember, this is  your treat. Enjoy it!” He also coined one of my favorite training mantras, “eat less, train more, try harder.”

Even when things are going pear-shaped and you’re out of water and moving through sheer force of will – always remember to say please and thank you. And smile at the turistas. Always smile. It’ll make you feel better.

This was my last long run before Beacon Rock 50K. Hydration and nutrition were pretty dialed in. I ate 2 Clif shots (espresso), 2.5 packages of Clif Blocks and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I sat on a bench at Pittock Mansion shoving PBJ in my mouth, smiling at the out-of-towners there for the views. It was in the high 70’s, low 80’s and I decided to carry a 70oz hydration bladder + 500ml soft bottle. I drained all my water at the base of the climb to Pittock and refilled and hydrated at the water fountain at the top – “Pittock Aid Station” I call it.

I ran straight down through the Arboretum and on to Washington Park to 14th street where I picked up my Car2Go and drove myself home  thinking the entire way that I’m going to hop in an ice bath at home. When I got home the girls had just filled up their inflatable swimming pool and I hopped right into the cold cold water. Perfect.

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