Thurman Street Aid Station

Good late afternoon run today. Just took the waist belt with 10oz of water and 2 gels for about 20 miles.  Hit water fountains at Marquam Shelter, Top of Council Crest, [Drained the 10 oz bottle], Pittock Mansion – then stopped at the Thurman Market and bought a Coke and some salt + vinegar chips after popping out at Lower Macleay. Straight up shoving chips into my mouth and chasing them with Coke.

I’ve never run this direction and think the Council Crest climb is pretty tame. It’s way tougher running into Lower Macleay, up Pittock and down Council Crest.

Started to blow up a little around mile 19 – there’s kind of a short/steep section on Ankeny just before dropping back down to Laurelhurst Park, when you’re really wiped out, any elevation change is just like trying to run in quicksand. I could avoid it, but what fun would that be?

Digging this song on my shuffle. Reminds me of Baltimore and Tom. And running in the woods.

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