Uncomfortable and on the edge of control is my preferred state.

That was my run thought today as I made my way through Forest Park. After 2 days of rest, I was giddy to be moving fast through downtown and up to the intersection of Burnside and the Wildwood Trail. I used the Google Pedometer to map out a big loop over to Council Crest, but it was 10.5 miles. I just didn’t have the time, yes motivation, yes tenacity, not enough time during the work day. 8 miles +/- per hour is what I can do right now. So I cut it short and went through the Arboretum. I always love looking at this shelter when I run by, but I never have my phone with me, today I did.

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When trail running, I strive to attain that edge of control and hold it for as long as possible; It’s when I feel most alive. It takes complete focus, all my mental energy.  I hesitate to subject anyone else to it.

I worked hard coming over the bridge back to the office. And then I worked harder. In the rain and wind with my clothes sticking to my wet skin I growled ferociously. Loudly.

Burn it down til the embers smoke on the ground;
And start new when your heart is an empty room.

The rain in the forest is different than rain under the open sky. In the forest the moisture condenses on the fir needles and falls in big drops; some landed on my head – PLOP! SPLASH!

FARSTER. It’s a portmanteau I made up today. It means run farther faster.
When you think it, it has to be in ALL CAPS. The other thing I was thinking in ALL CAPS today was:


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