zero-sum game

A dream about working through Fourier transforms at the whiteboard. Recombining recipes from abstractions, looking at the problem differently and realizing I don’t know anything. Trying to put together a puzzle comprised of pieces from other puzzles. A game in which the rules change; by design. I don’t know anything.


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Marquam Loop today.

Ghost whisperer on, ghost whisperer off. Gloves on, gloves off,  gloves on. I could see my warm breath in the air before crossing the road and dropping onto the roller coaster trail back to Terwilliger. “While running”. Huh. Nothing. There was a guy with a gas-powered leaf blower moving leaves off the trail in the woods above Marquam shelter.

Yesterday I passed Jacob running in the opposite direction, no words, just a high-five. Solid-like.

Thinking today about shutting this whole thing down. This site I mean.

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