Mixing it up

Shoved off around 8pm for a quick 5 miler up to Tabor.  The problem with headlamps in the rain is that they illuminate all the moisture in your field of vision… and in cool temps, same with your breath; like looking through a fogged window on every breath. The solution is probably a handheld spot beam + headlamp with a diffuse beam.

Super fun to puddle jump through the woods in the dark and run down the middle of the road (the gates are closed so no cars can enter the park). Not too cold and not raining hard enough to be bothersome. I startled some teenagers up to no good in the woods – actually I probably scared the shit out of them… I flipped my light to high spot beam which is about 140 lumens (it’s really bright) just before I came upon them on the trail. Didn’t see anyone else in the woods or on the roads.

One of the things I absolutely love about running in the dark is that you really can’t see the grade – trail or road, so when it goes up or down, it’s just like a ride. There is nothing to be anxious about (oh no a big hill), you just roll with it. Fun fun.


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