Bad Idea Jeans

That’s all I could think about. I should have stayed at the office tonight and worked. Instead I set in motion *insane* machinations to get to the starting line of this race:

I finished a meeting, reserved a Car2Go, then packed up all my crap… which included my cycling kit, 2 rain jackets, 3 bike lights and all my running gear (and lunch box) and then proceeded to ride half a mile (in the opposite direction I needed to go) to get the Car2Go.

Unlocked the car, precariously placed the bike hanging out of the back of the car (sans front wheel) and then started tearing from SE to SW to get to Forest Park and the start line.

Still in my work clothes mind you. Like a crazy person, I put the Car2Go in the smallest possible parallel spot it would fit. Fuck it. It was a *9* point parallel turn to tuck it in.

6:14pm (1 minute to start)
Stripped my shirt and put on my running shirt standing next to the car. Looked around as I considered dropping my trousers to put on my running shorts… back into the car to change into my shorts (gross!) and then … and then …. realized I packed Injinji socks! I nearly lost it at this point as I uncurled the socks, determined which foot was which and then painstakingly slipped each of my toes into the toe socks. Note to self: in a hurry, don’t go for the Injinji’s.

Heart rate strap installed, shoes tied (TOO LOOSE), I then hopped on the bike with an overstuffed, unbalanced pannier, wearing my running kit and rode the final 200 yards to the start… race director is giving instructions – I shout out my name, drop the bike, get my number, start my watch and….. GO!

Bad Idea Jeans.

Passed a bunch of people on the first climb, gaining ground on my regular pack who started near the front.  Futzing with my headlamp on the climb… blah blah. Excuses excuses. Not recovered, not snappy, mostly just not mentally ready to race tonight.

Hit the turn around and was positively *joggin’* up the long climb. Runners at my back on the last singletrack downhill – oops, roll my ankle. WHAT AM I DOING HERE!?

One of those days. Everyone has them. I haven’t in a while, I was due.

Rolling with it.

*I think the slowest race of the series is tossed in the final results – that’d be this one.


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