№ 2


10th in my age group; 29th overall (out of 98).

Long first climb, followed by a craycray downhill (I was galloping / jumping at one point). I recovered on the downhill, but then didn’t go anaerobic again on the flats (should have pushed harder), then went anaerobic again on the 2nd climb that had this annoying little kicker at the top — I was moving slowly right at the top – then recovered again on the rollers back along Wildwood trail… I let my mind wander and took my foot off the gas a little bit.

Finished in 47:00, then pulled my phone out of my waist belt and stopped Strava (Ambit 3 here on Friday!!!).

Fun first race. I have a suspicion I’m going to be wearing a headlamp for the last couple of races… I think it’s going to be dark at the end of October. We’ll see.

Came home and heated up some tortillas in the cast iron and ate 2 yummy fajita burritos covered in guac and salsa. Mmmmmm……so good. I picked up some green chile from whole foods this weekend, but was too lazy to take it out of the freezer and heat it up tonight. Cha cha cha.=======

Fun 2, although it was only a 5’er … there was some drooling.

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