When the chores are done it’s time to cut loose!

I’ve never driven up Burnside past 23rd so I didn’t really know where it went, but I’ve always crossed coming over to the Arboretum from Pittock Mansion and wasn’t sure the distance from 23rd to the trail crossing… maybe a mile? (I think it was a little less).

The most awesome thing when out exploring a new route is making a good find. I didn’t take any water with me because I know where all the city fountains are in Washington Park. The first I would find if nothing else would have been at the Elephant House near the rose garden. But right as I got to 23rd I started to think I should eat a gel and try to find some water. I ran on and started looking around for hoses or spigots or water fountains and just as I got to the trail that leads uphill left into Washington Park – BAM! Ask and you shall receive! A TRIPLE water fountain – one for little people, medium people and big people. So I ate a gel and gulp gulped and then started up the hill.

The only sketchy part of this run is a short section on Burnside where there isn’t much of a shoulder – I slowed down on that section and stayed way to the left as cars were zooming at me coming downhill.  Saw another runner coming down the hill and gave him the Old Rasputin peace up. There is also a bus stop up there – on the same stretch of road with no sidewalk and no shoulder – not very Portland.  Maybe for the people who sleep in the woods and catch a ride to city center?  o_O

Fun one. Recommended. Will do again. 3.5 stars. (out of 5)

Took my UD vest mostly empty and wore it loose.  Super comfortable. Used Strava on the phone (Ambit 3 shipping next week!!!!!), 3 gels, water where I could find it. Cha cha cha.


In other news, Americans got their asses handed to them at UTMB this year. I imagine a whole crew of US runners heading to Chamonix to train for next year. Not sure what the dealio was … maybe too much pre-race fondue and nutella crepes. Big bummer.

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