There are only a handful of activities that present our human nature in stark relief and a run through the forest is near the top of the list.  In an increasingly frenetic world, it’s one of only things that makes me feel human after staring at a computer most of the day.

I left late in the day as a result of a busy schedule and planned to do an easy /short loop to Washington Park.

It ultimately turned into a tempo run as I bounded down the trail shirtless scaring tourists taking pictures in the Japanese Garden thinking, “what the fuck could you possibly be taking pictures of and will you ever look at them again ?? — probably not. Ever.” There is a massive industry in the storage of bits that we will never look at again.

If you record every experience you have –  are you fully experiencing it, or partially experiencing it so that you can partially relive it through pictures in the future?

GoPro culture. I think the backlash will be an aspiration to anonymity. Famously (un)famous. We’ve become a culture of neurotic digital pack rats.

Except my little bro. He’s a bad ass.

Kailua 25kts surf run from Robert Rivard on Vimeo.

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