Banana Split!

That’s the code word for _runner_ in Forest Park with the day campers (kids) I encounter on the trails. It means split off the trail to let the runner through. Super cute and makes me smile every time I hear it as they yell it up and down the trail.

I was going to take the day off, then went  across the street and worked from Glyph all morning… and had a latte…and didn’t take the day off. Literally binging on the trails. And don’t even care.

This loop is one of my favorites from the office. I used to be just crushed on the last climb up to Council Crest;  today I just slowed it down a little and pressed harder – a ride and tie pace. I was imagining that I was running down my horse who just bucked me off. Cause that’s what you do when you get bucked off – run ’em down…all day pace. Like a cowboy Raramuri.

There were some tourists(?) on the Marquam trail right after crossing over Hwy 26 taking a big group picture – I was running up behind the photographer thinking, -what is this?- there are so many beautiful places to get a picture in Forest Park and this isn’t one of them. They did a banana split and I heard over my music, “he’s got more energy than us” as I ran up past them. *You have no idea citizen*.


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