The train

I stopped my watch and looked up the road toward the caboose. I couldn’t see it.  I can wait for 3 more minutes I thought to myself. Another runner came up the path and I jokingly said, “you could just jump through…”. He turned around and went the other way. I waited…1 more minute.

I peeled off my shirt and tied it around my waist thinking: I don’t want to run around the Esplanade. I came over here to run the flats – alone. What if the train starts to move? What is risk anyway? I worked with a guy in Virginia whose brother used to ride the rails, he was trying to get to Alaska. His brother had trouble with the law and drugs.

When I graduated from high school and left Georgia for D.C. I rode the train from Atlanta to Union Station. Woodie Guthrie to the Delta Blues – music travels on the rails. I left the Shuffle on my desk today . I wanted to drop the hammer and it takes focus. Music is a distraction – sometimes that’s a good thing. Not today. I wanted to feel it.

10 seconds. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

I climbed up a 3 step ladder at a refrigeration car, ducked my head under the motor, jumped down the other side, started my watch and spun the engine back up.

I worked hard today. It was hot, I was hurting.  It was pure bliss.



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