It usually comes when I’m just about wrapped with a project. I’ll step back and look… and have the urge to rip it apart and start over. Once you do something the first time – you learn so many things that you didn’t know when you started – seems like a natural urge.

I reached that point today as I was trying to determine a way to screw in the last roof panel – the apex is about 14 feet off the ground. Dicey reach from the ladder while holding screws at the same time.  I found a way to hold the screw in my mouth (threads in) and pull it off my lips with the magnetic tip of the drill bit [warning: do not try that at home.]

This one was sketched as I was building it – I built the platform and then starting thinking about how to make it light, open, airy, bright…and safe. It’s a mix of clear Cedar. I’d still like to make it a bit more weather tight. I was thinking maybe canvas or sail cloth with grommets added and then pulled taut around each side (the back is solid Cedar). It would keep the wind out and make it more usable when the weather cools in the fall.

There is also no way to get into it yet – by design.

I was not able to satisfy the customer’s request of “a sink to wash hands” and “a shower”. Maybe the next one will have plumbing.

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