Outside shop

Zippy 8 miler downtown in the morning and then worked outside all day.
Literally *all* day, 9am – 9pm.


I’m building a treehouse that will be about 6′ off the ground when finished. I finished the main supports and  bolted the sides together today with 1/2″ by 8″ galvanized bolts. The deck supports are 2×6 pressure treated on joist hangers, the deck is cedar. Most of the time today was spent making sure everything was square – measuring and measuring and measuring. The 4 corners are slightly offset because of where I set the posts, so I squared to one corner and shimmed the others before drilling and bolting.

I have no idea what I’m going to put up for walls (or roof). I’d like to keep the weight of the entire structure low, but still need a safety rail for anyone up top  (stainless cable railing…?). With the decking in place but not attached, I realized that I have enough wood to curve the front of the treehouse. I’m planning to attach the decking square, and then sketch a curve across the front and trim it with the jigsaw (and bevel the edge with the router).

The footprint is small – about 8×6, but I realized as I was cleaning up today that it would be a perfect spot for a telescope and chair — which may drive some decisions on roof options, maybe something convertible.


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