In a jet

3:30 wake up.
4:20 cab to airport.
6:00 (inside!) the jet.
6:20 activate superpower! (sleep-on-plane).
7:45 arrive!
8:00 coffee!
8:15 cab to office.
9:00 – 16:00 talk talk talk talk talk….talk talk…talk talk talk.
16:15 cab to airport.
18:40 (inside!) the je… [delayed…delayed…delayed…]
20:30 (inside!) the jet.
20:55 blast off!
22:15 cab to home.
22:45 bed.


2 thoughts on “In a jet

    1. chrisrivard

      Takes me a while to do my hair.

      I ran into a Jiver coming back from the U.K. at SFO. Heard all about the office and the train ride to London (every day he was there)…lots o’ train rides $…and 4% beer.


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