Morning Adventure

“Too cold to start a fire, I’m burnin’ diesel, burnin’ dinosaur bones.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.24.11 PM

Had some flex in the schedule this morning, so I went for it. I’ve wanted to run my commute this way for a while, but never had a window. It’s going to be hot today (close to 90), so I’ll cower in the air conditioning through the afternoon and bus it or Car2go home. Oh and I carried the Nikon in a case on my shoulder strap.

The heaviest thing I had in my pack was my lunchbox and I was thinking about the caloric density of each item and the effort it took to carry those items up the hill. I think one of the most calorically dense food are oils (olive oil, lard) and I recalled an Antarctic climbing expedition that I read about years ago where the climbers were eating olive oil instead of gels.

For the most part, many people can live a very comfortable life adhering to the status quo. In fact, in order to maintain the status quo, it takes *most* people to maintain an certain (un)exceptionalism. I pondered for a couple of miles this question, “is what you’re doing worthy of your attention?” Your time is limited, your attention is the most valuable thing you have. Is it pointed at the right thing?


DSCN1413Found. A happiness rock (zoom to read).

DSCN1415This is why Portlandia.

DSCN1416From the top – looking toward downtown and Hawthorne Blvd. (my next stop).

DSCN1417Mt. Hood coming down the backside of Tabor.

DSCN1418And into downtown. On on.

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