New fave

This run is becoming one of my favorites from downtown.  It’s nice to warm up through PSU and then up Terwilliger before dropping into the woods and the Marquam trail. Then it’s a really nice (nice as in full anaerobic lung buster) climb to a mellow flat(er) section to recover, then burly (you might puke) climb up to Marquam Hill Rd, then bomb all the way back down to Marquam shelter. That downhill is very twisty and fast and runnable. Super fun.

I’m hopeful I’ll find some new favorites deep in Forest Park. 8 miles out on Sunday the trail become noticeably less traveled. The ferns were growing over the trail and it became very muddy in places. At the turnaround I stopped an gave a big bear hug to massive doug fir tree and thanked him for watching over me and keeping me safe.  Funny how we like to personify nature. Good read on that in the NYTimes last week.


I picked up a 70oz reservoir for the UD vest so that I can carry more fluids as the weather starts to warm up. 2 bottles in an hour and a half is about my max in 50 degrees +. After that I need to refill. Even at that rate, I’m probably not drinking enough. My weight was down 3lbs when I got back on Sunday. So… not drinking enough.


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