Chicken fingers

I was so hungry around mile 13… and that’s what I wanted – with the sweet honey mustard. Day-um. I could taste that greasy goodness. I haven’t had chicken fingers since… wait… I may have eaten them at Ski Bowl a couple of years ago. All they serve in the cafeteria are french fries and chicken fingers (for the children of course). Prior to that.. maybe college?

Whatevs. The message from my body was, “gimme some protein… and gimme some fat. If you can combine the 2 and fry it – even better.”

I had 2 bottles of Tailwind, an espresso Clif shot and a package of Clif blocks – those things go down surprisingly well. I ran out of water and even then, they weren’t too bad – a little sticky chewing them, but not bad.

HoodRiver 039

I executed the Car2Go plan today. Found a car about half a mile from my domicile, ran to pick up the car… drove to Forest Park.

So there I was sitting a block away from Voodoo doughnuts on Burnside stuck in traffic behind race barricades in a Car2Go with a broken radio. I think today was the Taco run to celebrate Cinco de Mayo… I sat in traffic for 10 minutes while runners went by.  I considered ditching the car and running the rest of the way to the park… but it was pouring rain. I sat, then did some creative city driving (those little smart cars are sooo maneuverable).

Injinji socks: thumbs up. And new shoes – the Pearli M2’s…felt great – way more traction on the ups and cushioning on the descents than the Pure grit’s.  The rock plate was noticeable. I missed the sensitivity of the Brooks, but the trade is worth it. I was a little worried the toe box was too small – but it was perfect. I ended up snugging the laces up just before I pushed off.

Lots of rain, a little bit of sun (I don’t think anyone was around when I shouted a “w00t! w00t!” when the sun came out. Although there were a couple of ladies that I passed as I rolled into Lower Macleay at the end of my run and gave myself some loud claps and threw up the winner’s arms (…walk into the club like…).

51 miles this week. Starting to lay on the big miles. I went for frequency this week – I ran 7 days straight, but kept this one as my longest.  No 20 miler. I also foam rolled every night – I think this is the new normal. We’ll see how well everything heals up and if I can keep the training block going before I taper for Beacon Rock.

Everyone has their goals; for some people, it’s just to get out of bed in the morning, for others it’s 120 miles/week.

I was thinking today about a teacher I had in high school,  he used to always talk about ‘mental fortitude’ … back then I had no idea what he was talking about.

What I really ate when I got home:

  • plain bagel with almond butter and honey
  • a banana
  • a yogurt
  • water water water and more water

Completely wiped.

liberty_furnace 018



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