Run commute

Haven’t run into the office for a while. There was a long time when I was listening to music on my runs. I’m finding that I have absolutely no desire to listen to anything these days. My theory is that music transports you to another place (mentally) and I’m feeling very much in the present these days. Centered. Balanced. There is no other place I’d rather be than right here.

This is the first time that my watch told me that my recovery was “Fair” and not “Good”. I’m trying to decide if I should dial things back this week or push harder through to the next plateau… it’s past flu season, so I probably wouldn’t get sick if I do.  5 weeks to race. (Beacon Rock 50k).

Reinforcing the truism that dreamy people like to repeat… a car pulled up next to me on my run this morning and a man extended his arm. “What’s that?” I asked. “Running club” he grunted. It was a business card with an image and a web address. A personal invitation to join a secret running club. There you have it ; do what you love and the people you seek will find you.


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