On my face


I fell on my face.

Running uphill in the mud.  I wasn’t going very fast, and just got a muddy face and hands.  I usually do this run counterclockwise with the haymaker right at the start. I’m running out of runs on these trails though. This way has more sustained up… and with the longer climb, it’s more scenic. Running it counterclockwise, I’m typically hauling ass downhill jumping logs and trying not to fall ass over heel down into the creeks… look where you want to go… not at the scary stuff on either sides of the trail. Good lesson all around… where you look is where you’ll go.

I remembered the first time I was exploring around here I ran this direction (clockwise) and then ran to the bottom of the haymaker and was completely lost…and ended up running back up and back the way I came.  Marquam Shelter is only .9 down trail.. but I didn’t even know what was at the shelter though (water)… and a shelter. And the way back downtown.

Lots of drooling today…so it goes with a tempo run. Workin’ hard…and droolin’

Had this tune in my head on the back through PSU:
“If you want it, you can have it… but you gotta learn to reach out there and grab it.”

Weezer philosophy. Worked for me today.

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