ultra stuff

Things I learned from the Gorge 50k that I need to dial in before Mt. Hood 50. Mostly worried about my stomach. After the 50k I wasn’t really hungry but ate a few small slices of pizza and 2 plain waffles from Waffle Window. I also took some ibuprofen (I never take anything) b/c I wanted to reduce any inflammation and keep blood circulating to heal up my muscles and feet. It completely wrecked my stomach and actually kept me awake that night.

In general, I think my system was kind of shocked and needed a reboot. I need to get better about nutrition on the longer runs and try to eat solid food. I’ll need to do this to finish strong in the 50 miler.

I’ve heard good things and I’m mostly worried about having stomach issues in the 50m. I ordered some samples to try. Cytomax worked for me, but I was eating a lot of gels and Clif blocks too.

S caps
Not sure if I need these, but I’ll try them on some longer runs. They were slinging them at the later aid stations…. 18 and 25 miles. Maybe they work when the metaphorical house is burning down. Not sure.

Pocket Fuel
Kind of like Justin’s nut butter, but made in Hood River. I’ll give it a shot. Again – super worried about my stomach past 30 miles. I’ll need to eat solid food.

Injinji socks
I burned holes in both my socks during the 50k. I think these may help.

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