Mountain rambling

In the works.

Strong possibility this will turn into a caffeine-fueled sufferfest to see how much vertical we can grab in 4 days. Happening next month. Stay tuned. Climbing partner is finalizing dates.

St. Helens – Parking lot is open. We’ll need to get permits.. PITA. Super fun climb/ski descent. Mellow, good warmup.

Mt. Adams – South Rib or SW Chutes (looks good but major fall potential… maybe?):

Mt. Hood
We could camp up high…play around Illumination Rock (climb some ice?)… maybe go over to the North side (we’ll need to rope up). Would be fun to explore though. I’m not going anywhere near Cooper Spur.

South Sister – Burly vert.


4 thoughts on “Mountain rambling

  1. matt

    yo yo we need to hang. I can give good beta on all these (you should ski Adams SW Chutes! don’t need to worry about a fall).

    But mid-may could be very early for easy Adam & South Sis access. Though if any year was good for not having lots of snow down low.. this is it.

    Gets the juices flowing just to read about some fun stuff. I’m now almost walking unassisted (walking boot) and will ditch the crutches after this weekend probably.


    1. chrisrivard

      We’re looking at late May or even 1st week of June. I’ve been checking access and would love to find the sweet spot of some snow cover on trail vs. rocky streambed hiking. I really think it’ll be a whirl wind of skinning/skiing. Proly rent a car and try to be strategic about which climbs we attempt.

      I read your blog. Excellent news! You’ll be back stronger next year. The mountains aren’t going anywhere 🙂

      There is a plethora of IPAs at Belmont Station right now (double IPAs!?). If you like it hoppy, that’s the spot. Happy to come over the hill to meet you somewhere close to your place too.


  2. AJ

    OMG super jealous.

    > We’ll need to get permits.

    Hit up Greg Borchers at work, he’s a volunteer on St Helens and might be able to hook you up.


    1. chrisrivard

      I’M jealous. You’re a train ride from Chamonix. Airbnb it.. take the fam… hire a guide. I’ve got to get over there.

      A nice little cabin in Argentierre would be perfect for me.


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