Passion project

I’m starting to update before the annual Salmon River watershed clean up in September. The mountains have brought me so much joy and really defined my character. The least I can do is start to give back.

I still have a few other projects in various stages, this will be fun though.

In running news:
Easy 5 miler today – legs are feeling solid, just a little bit sore. Trying to find a time to use the $50 massage voucher that I got at the snowshoe race earlier this winter to get some body work done – mostly my legs. I’m in dire need of some deep tissue work on my calves.

I’ve found getting right on the bike after a long run is the best way to work out the sore spots. Totally works … a pool would be better, but I’ve yet to find an accessible lap pool in Portland. Seriously a major ding for Portland and training for big swims. I’d love to go back and swim the Waikiki Roughwater again, but I have nowhere to train. Running it is.

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