Pre-race jitters (Gorge50k). For a long race there is this point where you try to essentially… outsmart yourself… but you know it’s happening, so it kind of doesn’t work. What I mean is that… your mind is about to f**k your body over. It’s the mind vise and it’s about to go into a different mode. You know it’s going to happen and the only thing to do is make sure your body is prepared.

I’m mostly just trying to remember everything, here’s my list.

  • first aid station is at mile 9… that’s too late for me, I need to eat around mile 7. So I may stop early and then just pass through the first aid station and not stop. Aid stations are like black holes… they’ll suck you in and the longer you stay.. the harder it is to leave.
  • Remember your dip at mile 11. It’s going to creep up b/c you’re not going to be thinking about… so head’s up. I think I’ll write it down on a piece of tape stuck to my shirt forearm.
  • Make a feed chart with time and remember to eat at the right times. Tape it to your shirt. Because guess what… the most difficult thing to do when you’re 20 miles into a run is… math. It’s almost impossible.
  • To drop bag or not to drop bag… I’m considering leaving a bottle of cytomax at the 18 mile drop and at the 25 mile drop. And carrying 2 bottles from the start. My long runs are always unsupported and I don’t want to get sucked into the aid station black holes. Keep moving. Don’t stop. No matter what. Keep moving.
  • It’s going to be in the high 40’s and raining… consider carrying a second shirt or maybe just a vest to put on when I get to the top of the last climb …so I don’t get too cold descending to the finish.
  • The last climb at mile 25 is about 1500 ft. It’s going to hurt. Swing your arms if you’re running – take big strides if you’re power-walking it. Pass some people.
  • Relax. Run your race. All systems are a go.
  • If things get bad… smile.
  • Remember the 3rd rule of fight club. Have fun and try your best.
  • Listen for the cowbells (I bought my daughters cowbells for the finish).

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