Creative confidence

This is a short book report.

The book.

Warning: You will not be magically bestowed creative confidence by reading this book. I do not think I’m an anomaly.

If you’re a suit, or not a creative person… or something other than a designer (or if you want to unleash …something… in your cube farm). This is the book for you. BUY THIS BOOK.

If you are in the creative field: PASS. Your time would be better spent sketching.

The thing about the IDEO boys is that they have a lock on the message around design and business, but for the business audience. This is a business book about design. And honesly, there are better ones.

The one takeaway that I found valuable is to get moving – making, designing, exploring, etc. Rather than thinking. Which I find quite ironic a message in a business book about how to build creative confidence.  They could have spared the anecdotes (heyo Akshay), trimmed 100 pages and had people out the door being … creative.

I actually think this is a better message, from Ira Glass:

And so ultimately, confidence comes from experience – of doing the thing again and again, sometimes good, sometimes bad – but ultimately, the good increases and the bad decreases.

So … do MOAR!! (but go easy on yourself… stop to eat ice cream and get massages occasionally).

*The exercises in the back of the book were pretty good. Mind maps, etc. Although I think Dave Gray does better in Gamestorming. That’s a book every creative should read. It’s rad.

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