5 nines unflappable

Starting some lists.

People who self-identify as both “introvert” and “instigator”. In Portland we just call that passive aggressive. Very common among the designer set.

People who empty their coffee cups onto the street while sitting in their parked car. What other nasty habits do these people have? I’m certain they can be classified.

People who use the word “utilize”. Is there any word more useless in the English language? No. Pretentious or ignorant… probably a little of both.

0.0001% flappable

Completely losing the ability to communicate a coherent thought, where every word uttered or written undercuts the concept or idea attempting to be conveyed. Entropy as the measure of uncertainty in human communication. It’s a thing.


 “…well I could be condemned to hell for every sin but littering…”


Dancing desks to follow standing desks.

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