Mohican war cry

When I was a little kid we used to drive the Mohawk Trail between grandparent visits from Pittsfield to Greenfield (MA). There was always a big debate because while it was more scenic, it was longer. I loved that drive. I took the scenic route today and linked up a few of my favorite runs in Forest Park. Pretty much all of them.

In running there is a continuum between two poles. At one end is “keeping it together” and at the other end is “losing your shit”.  Everyone can keep it together in the beginning, it’s relatively easy. But it becomes more difficult to hold after a few hours. Given a long  period of time (different for everyone), everything falls apart and no matter who you are, you’ll lose your shit.

When I got down from Council Crest ( the biggest vertical drop on this run), where the trail changes from muddy singletrack to tarmac,  I let loose my loudest Mohawk war cry. There were some people at Marquam Shelter that I scared, but I was gone and down the road before they even saw me.

It felt *great*; and at that point with about 4 miles to go until home, I knew today was a “keep it together” day.

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 2.24.04 PM


Nutrition notes:

  • 45 mins: 1 whole wheat fig newton+ some diluted gatorade (still too strong). Lower Macleay trailhead. Mile 7.
  • 1:20: Vanilla Clif shot. Pittock Mansion. Water. Mile 9.
  • 1:55: Vanilla Clif shot. Lookout at the Arboretum. Water. Mile 12.
  • 2:35: Gatorade and water. Mile 15.

I should have had something at mile 14 but I couldn’t find anything within reach with my vest on and didn’t want to take it off b/c it was cold and I was wet. Need to put more food in more accessible places next time.

Overall, pretty dialed. I probably would have had a faster closing pace with better nutrition between miles 14 – 17.

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