Junk miles

Slow thinking has the feeling of something you do. It’s deliberate. – Kahneman

If you want to do something well, you need to do it often. If you want to run fast, you have to run really fast. It’s really quite simple. I try to be very deliberate about pace and effort. And easy day means *really* easy – conversational pace, rpms low. A hard day means you might puke from the effort. Either way it’s a deliberate choice. If you want to be neither fast nor slow, just mediocre… then that’s how you train. My schedule is so busy right now that I’m having trouble getting the harder efforts in the plan, so things are feeling very comme ci comme ça. Meh.

I spent some quality time with the foam roller last night and massage stick before I went to bed and my legs felt good this morning. Lunch run today was the standard Washington Park / Wildwood / Japanese Garden loop. I felt great, but my times were meh.

Temps today were in the low 40s with a light drizzle. I was in shorts, long sleeve zip t and hat. Running  trails in those conditions is very nice. Muddy fun jumping logs and splashing in the big  puddles.

The clouds settled low in the trees and a thick fog sat about 50 feet above the forest floor. One of the unique qualities of the PNW rainforest is how fast things grow and decompose. The understory is a bed of moss and ferns, new saplings growing from the decomposing trunks of massive Doug firs.  It’s such a stark contrast to the New Mexico desert and the relentless sun and wind that bake and scour the landscape. I’m not sure which I prefer. In a place like New Mexico, one could never get lost in the landscape – all you had to do was look to the direction of the sun, or use the mountains as a guide.  The mountains are in the East, the sun will set to the West, Santa Fe is North, Socorro is South. Simple. Friends from New Mexico who moved to the PNW would return with the complaint that they lost their sense of direction because they couldn’t see the horizon.

Maybe I just don’t mind being lost.

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