Sincerely and respectfully.

Portland was thrown into chaos last week with the bi-decade (is that a word?) snowstorm.

I was struck by the frenzy the snow caused that crossed all demographics. I took the kids sledding at Laurelhurst Park amidst teens huddled around in circles looking at their phones, older couples cross country skiing through the park and of course the little ones sledding down the slopes. Dogs running everywhere. It seemed like the entire city came out to play in the snow.

Saturday morning I took my old AT skis and skinned up Belmont and up to Mt. Tabor. There was enough snow to ski all the way from the top to the lower reservoir.  It was more of a novelty than anything. I took my son with me (below)… it was just like old times when we were both young men and used to skin up Sandia Peak in the sunny New Mexico spring to make  turns back down.

He has always earned his turns. The first couple of times he would follow my ski turns, then he realized he could tear straight downslope and catch me at the turn.


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