Campers, etc.

IMG_5006The camper.

It’s a 2006 Fleetwood Evolution e1. They don’t make them any longer. When the economy tanked in 2008, many of the RV manufacturers closed up shop. I found this one used in Merced, California and drove down to buy it…long story.

I’ve done some some upgrades over the past 3 years – I installed a marine battery cut-off switch, ordered an LCD from China, routed one of the cabinets and installed it along with a momentary switch so that I can get a digital readout of the 12v system charge with a push of a button. It’s rad. A 15w solar panel in direct summer sun will keep the battery charged for as long as a week.

The issue is that it’s not the best setup for winter trips.  Specifically ski trips – when you want to hang out inside, maybe turn the heat on… make lunch, stretch out a bit.

photo (5)While most Americans were eating mini-hotdogs and watching football. I skied all day.


I’ve been considering a Sprinter Van for a long time. A second vehicle to double as a weekend getaway RV. They seem straightforward to diy convert… so I may redouble my efforts to find a used one that is ready to convert.

Also saw one of these today:

Appears to be a lower-cost version of the EarthRoamer.

The most appealing thing about the Sprinters is that they look like standard passenger vans,  but the interior can be completely modified with no hint from the exterior.  Compact, small footprint, diesel. This is a recent diy (I was researching insulation alternatives to make it cozy for winter trips).

2 thoughts on “Campers, etc.

    1. chrisrivard

      Those are nice.
      The e1 sleeps 6 (queen and a full on each side and the table collapses to a twin). It’s very roomy.
      It has a 6 gallon hot water heater and an outside shower… super nice to have a hot shower after being out for a few days.

      The main issue is with the setup and take down time. I’m always doing everything myself and it takes about an hour each time to get it unpacked/packed and hitched/unhitched. Maybe I’m just getting lazy, but the idea if just pulling into a campground and climbing in the back is *very* appealing. Even a Vanagon with a pop-up (my parents had one) needs to be set up in order to stand. A Sprinter with a high top are 7′ interior height. That’s plenty of room for me even with my ski boots on 🙂

      These are cool too:

      There are a bunch of cool (and small) drivable RV’s in Europe that don’t exist here.


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