Full Value Day

The morning starts like this:

Then lunch (tons of meetings today, so second breakfast/lunch was too late):

And then home again:

I call it a full value day – it’s usually about 15 – 20 miles of human powered activity. I feel most human when I can get this kind of mileage in.  A longer lunch run is a bonus, but generally means more calories in throughout the rest of the afternoon.

Meet el Mundo.

elmundoEl Jefe

This my daily driver – essentially the SUV of bikes. It’s a v4 Yuba Mundo frame, Surly Big Dummy fork,  Avid BB7’s front and rear. It weighs about 70 pounds dry (sans panniers). I built it 3 years ago.

Sometimes I think about adding an electric wheel assist and battery… but then it wouldn’t really be a bicycle any longer. I prefer the workout of pushing this thing home and riding it like a freight train into downtown every day.

I considered an adventure worthy of my time last spring – and never found the time.  Strapping the skis onto el Mundo, riding up to Timberline, skinning as far as I can, climbing Mt. Hood, skiing back down and then riding back home to Portland. It’s been done before – nothing new. Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps.

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