Human (again)
First run after bionic eye procedure.

Took it super slow and and tried to be really smooth (as not to jostle anything loose).

Minor freak-out when I started to warm up and my sunglasses began to fog and I thought that my corneas were detaching (oh f**k!). I think everything is pretty well glued down at this point though.

My skis are sitting in the closet …just waiting and waiting… and they’re very sad. My pack is packed and ready to go…climbing clothes are hanging in the closet…ready. Crampons are filed. Alpine rack is packed.

theboysThese boys are very anxious.

Started to get  really grumpy yesterday about the horrible snow conditions, finding time to go climbing, etc. etc.  My long runs were satisfying the urge to get out get into that mental state, so sitting around in sunglasses staring at the ceiling last week nearly drove me insane. The weather this year is *not cool*. It was sunny and nearly 50 degrees today. It reminds me more of a New Mexico or Colorado winter (but warmer). Cold and sunny. I miss it, but in the PNW – I want big dumps.

To be static – it’s torture. An object in motion tends to stay in motion. Never stop moving. I live by it, set my clock to it.

I’ll probably carve a midnight to 10am skin/climb up Hood soon. From what I’ve read in recent trip reports, the mountain above Palmer glacier is all ice and most people are ditching skis at the Palmer lift and climbing the rest of the way.  So it goes. Good for crampons, bad for skis.

Glad to be running again – I’ll resume normal operations this week – maybe take some eye drops with me if my eyes get dry on a longer run. I’m back and open for business.




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