So I posted the reading list last week, but I had forgotten that I received Creative Confidence for Christmas (hard copy). I’m always wary of things that will “unleash” something… and I’m about halfway through the first chapter and there has already been the anecdote about regular Joe “unleashing” creativity in his corporate soul-sucking workplace.

I’m kind of thinking I might not be the target audience. Feels like one of those airplane reading business books. I like my business books trashy. This one seems like it’s going to be buttoned-up, no-nonsense. And really try to provide 7…make that 10 steps of instruction to the dear reader so they might UNLEASH the creative KRAKEN on their co-workers.

photo (1)

My review thus far:

It’s a well-made book showing heavy duty stitching at the spine.  The paper must be 20# and beautifully glossy. The pages shine. The producer of this book knows quality publishing. The dust jacket is a plasticized material – like Tyvek, but smoother.

This book could hold down a stack of weekly NYTimes print edition newspapers in a 10 knot breeze with aplomb.

It is about the size of my iPad mini, but heavier. There is a certain gravitas to this tome. I suspect that it’s going to be about empathy and human-centered design. Just a hunch.  I’ll report back.



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