Snowshoe racing

I got my ass kicked.

Up a mile, down a mile, up a mile, down a mile, up, finish.
No excuses other than that was the first time I’ve run in snowshoes in … 6 years?

I forgot how brutal trying to go really fast in snowshoes can be… a little altitude thrown in too – though I’m not sure that was a factor – 4200ft to 4800ft. Up, down, up down, up down. Super fun letting loose on the downhill though – it’s more stable on the snow than on singletrack trail. Just kind of let the snowshoes slide – ease back a bit.

Beautiful day, temp maybe mid-40’s.
Ran in thin tech top, running cap and thin gloves – and was cooking in the sun.

Super super bonus: I didn’t get hurt… which I was most worried about.

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