Some books

I finished Bleeding Edge today.
Recommended. I’ll go back and read some more Pynchon later. Or not.

Here are some choice passages:

“Yep, and your Internet was their invention, this magical convenience that creeps now like a smell through the smallest details of our lives, the shopping, the housework, the homework, the taxes, absorbing our energy, eating up our precious time. And there’s no innocence. Anywhere. Never was. It was conceived in sin, the worst possible. As it kept growing, it never stopped carrying in its heart a bitter-cold death wish for the planet, and don’t think anything has changed, kid.”

And another:

“Beaming at her with that vacant, perhaps only Californian, the-Universe-is-a-joke-but-you-don’t-get-it smile which so often drives her to un-Buddhist daydreams seething with rage.”


“Refugees from the sunless half of the cycle. Whatever it was they thought they needed, coffee, a cheeseburger, a kind word, the light of dawn, they’ve kept watch, stayed awake and caught sight of it at least, or nodded off and missed it again.”

American poetry. Damn. Recommended.

Not sure what’s next, on deck are:

  • Multipliers (Liz Wiseman)
  • The Art of Action (Steven Bungay)
  • Design Research Through Practice (Ilpo Koskinen, John Zimmerman)
  • Ambient Commons (Malcolm McCullough)
  • Smart Cities (Anthony Townsend)
  • People Analytics (Ben Waber)

I think it might be Multipliers first… and then I’ll skip to something fun… like Ambient Commons.

Last 2 read before Bleeding Edge:
Design is a Job (Mike Monteiro)
Daily Rituals (Mason Currey) [holy shit people used to take a lot of Benzedrine…]

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