Running and thinking

I do my best thinking when I’m running and never remember what I was thinking about when I get back or ever write it down. Today I mostly remembered, here is the list:

  1. Clarity of purpose – knowing what you want and why.
  2. Making the time – saying no and disappearing (b/c I did this today).
  3. All history is shared – you may think you’re not connected, but you are.
  4. The privilege of contributing to that history (it’s a privilege).
  5. Living and dying in every heartbeat – really a metaphor for running and life.

2 thoughts on “Running and thinking

    1. chrisrivard

      I had to Google that, I haven’t seen it. Maybe it’s just what is “enervating in the culture” as DFW says in an old Charlie Rose interview. I would hate that my internal monologue was the same as an Apple ad – but maybe that’s successful marketing.

      I remembered one other thing… something about little decisions. It’s super rare that you ever have to make really big decisions, you do, but not that often. It’s more common that we have to make small little decisions – like little course corrections. So if you have a long term “thing” in mind (*I* think) that goal gets internalized and starts to influence (subconsciously) the little decisions that you make. It’s a good thing.

      I didn’t commit to blogging once a day…but I’m kind of sick of Twitter and I’m really just practicing my writing. Or it could be that I’m having a mid-life crises and I’d rather blog it than tweet it.

      “My mid-life crisis is too big for 140 chars”. Word.


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