The (human) Social Experience


My proposal for IASummit14 didn’t get accepted. I submitted my presentation from EuroIA, but the talk on “Uncle Ralph, Threadjacking and LolHolla” would have been really really fun to give.  The gist is mostly around the behaviors that emerge in big social networks as users try to navigate social interactions with no …. like … physical cues or feedback. What happens ultimately is that another culture emerges – with its own rules and language and customs. Fascinating stuff.  It exists at Jive and it’s super evolved primarily b/c we’ve been around so long and every weird or awkward social interaction that can happen in a community… has already happened.

I think it’s best that it wasn’t accepted. I was on the fence of whether or not to bail if it was accepted. I had a great time in Edinburgh at EuroIA, but truth be told – me and conferences don’t mesh.

I used to get a power up going to IASummits or IxDA conferences … <shrug>. As I’ve gotten further along in my career, I guess the idealism of the “right” way to do things gives me the yawns.

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