The Training Effect

That’s the fastest I’ve ever run that loop. In the past mile 7 to 8 has been generally an unpleasant experience. But this is the first week that I’ve decreased miles (intentionally) in order to rest and let everything settle under new load. I’ve also sleeping really really well – going to bed early and not being waken up at all during the night.

Training runs are mostly on trail and have about 1200+ of vertical gain.  Friday’s run had a burly 1600+ ft of vertical. This 8 miler has only about 500 ft of vertical – mostly flat with 2 short climbs at the end.  (for comparison, most of the stratovolcanoes [Hood, St. Helens, Rainier, Adams] in the PNW are about 5000 ft of vertical start to summit). It was a bit windy today – noticeable cross winds across Hawthorne bridge. Some tailwind after the midpoint, some headwinds.

The tailwind had me trying to calculate what forward push the wind provides for the split second both feet are off the ground. It has to be something. Everything helps.

I really felt the work of the past 2 weekend long runs on mile 7 – 8. I’ve slowed a little on those last 2 climbs in the past. But today, I accelerated into them and maintained speed and form on the ascent. Hoo hoo ha…hoo hoo ha (that’s what my anaerobic threshold sounds like). When I’m there, I know it and I can modulate just above or just below. I stopped wearing my heart rate monitor months ago… I found that it was telling me that I was going too hard and found myself easing off. Now I just go until I feel like I’m going to blow up… then go for more. It’s always there.

Next weekend I’m racing. It’s an 8K snowshoe race at Mt. Hood.

I took my racing snowshoes out last weekend and cleaned them off and checked the straps. Racing shoes are lower profile and have an offset tail so that you don’t step on the shoe when you’re in a running stride. They’re also a lot lighter and meant to be worn with running shoes. I’m pretty excited – but as always in events like this, there will be a few really fast people. This race is a qualifier for the US Snowshoe Championships.

I just need to keep in mind the 3rd rule of fight club, “have fun and try your best” 😉

Some remixed Doughy – Idiot Kings.
“..well I could be condemned to hell for every sin but littering…”




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